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Would you like to start your own research journal? It’s absolutely free… Your initiative can help In Developing Research Culture and bring back the lost trust in higher education Let’s know how.


  1. Visit and click publish your journal
  2. It will ask you for sign up
  3. After sign up, it will take you to Publish Research Journal form
  4. Here just chose your subject and decide the name of your prospective Research Journal
  5. While filling form you can be Chief Editor and can make your friends or colleagues part of the Editorial Board
  6. After having filled the form just submit it and give our team a time of minimum 24 hours to review and approval.
  7. After the approval from our team, the journal will be live and anybody from the entire world can see and submit article online.
  8. Whenever any author will submit the article to your published journal, you will receive a message and you can forward the article for review to the editorial board or someone else whom you feel appropriate to review the same. After the review process, if you find the article appropriate to publish, you can approve and it will be shown in your journal, otherwise, you can Reject / suggest change/modifications to the authors.
  9. Once you approve the article it will be live and anybody can read and download it.
  10. While downloading the article, the users would be asked if they want to pay Royalty to the author as the token of respect to their efforts. If users want to pay, they will be able to pay online instantly.



  1. Each and every one desirous to share their views can send their article to your journal to get published without any Publication fee. This will help those authors who want to share their views with the entire world.
  2. Once reviewed and accepted the article shall be published online and no one is required to pay to read or download the same.
  3. There is no words limit for the submission of the article. It can be from one page to any. This will help budding authors to write small and they will get developed the confidence to write better gradually.
  4. While reading and downloading the article if the users feel that they should honor the efforts of the author, they can do this by paying online the reward in the form of ROYALTY to the author. But this is not a compulsion, entirely up to the person who is downloading the same.
  5. We do not need to get the journal printed. It will be more environment-friendly as the Publishers are encouraged to publish virtually.
  6. This will help authors to share their views more and more with the entire world and accordingly will develop the research culture.
  7. There has been a lot of journals mushroomed just to exploit the budding authors and minting money, it will discourage all of them as the authors would have multiple options for article submission at a single place for free.
  8. Authors and readers both will get benefitted as there will be multiple options available to all of them for submission and read.
  9. The Individuals who will publish the journals in the capacity of Chief Editor shall feel proud by giving a contribution to the Development of Research Culture.
  10. The publishers who earn money by selling the hard work of the authors and do not give the reward to the authors will get a message.
  11. It will create a true innovative open-access research platform.


For any question and queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Believe, we will be very happy to assist you.


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