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Hi Academia, Do you want to teach Corporate? Please do Quality Research before planning next MDP.

Conducting Management Development Programme (MDP) has become customary and matter of prestige for almost all business schools. All B-School want to conduct MDP’s for corporate in different areas. Unfortunately to bring successfully corporate to the Seminar / MDP Hall has become very difficult. Most of the Institutes use their personal relations to get a minimum number of participants to a particular MDP. At the end of the day, these Programmes proved to be lunch and snacks party and take away is almost nil.
Surprisingly, having known the fact that they have nothing new to give and take both Corporate and Academia spends their precious time unproductively.
This trend and tradition has been just to show on paper that we have conducted so many MDP’s, Workshops and Seminars etc.
The academia – corporate interconnection is very important for the corporate success. But, this entirely depends upon how qualitatively the academia supports the corporate.
In the absence of Quality research with a focus on finding the solution to a specific problem, there is no possibility of conducting MDP’s or any other kinds of Event. The customary events are the wastage of precious resources including time and money. Pushing corporate for participation ends up in obligations where most of the time there is one-way communication. The participants from corporate seldom raise questions and just are silent listeners. They enjoy food and hospitality and leave. It hardly happens that the same person visits second time without personal contacts.
If we really want to attract corporate for MDP’s, there is a need of doing quality research. This is the difference between Elite B-Schools and others. The faculty in the elite schools has a strong interest in research and that is why they are able to deliver the quality inputs. If we really want to deliver the quality MDP’s, please start doing quality research. Consider Quality, not Quantity.

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