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Bringing Slum’s Children into Mainstream What Happens with the Children – Born /Studied/ Brought up in the Slums and How They Can Become Boon from Bane A CRITICAL STUDY OF THE CHILDREN BORN AND BROUGHT UP IN SLUMS

The slums “a filthy and congested urban street or district inhabited by very poor people??? are very common in Industrial / Posh areas of Metro cities. We all have come across with the small children’s cleaning vehicles / Begging / selling some cheap articles at Red Lights or Busy crossings. These young minds are as capable as the children from affluent families. They are always ignored and sometimes we listen that one of these has made the limelight by shining like the star. These young people equally consumed the vital resources but not given opportunities to prove their mettle.

We have a number of issues to research on this critical issue. Some of them are –

What is the life span of slum dwellers children’s?
What they do after and during their childhood?
How they impact the country’s economy?
How can we bring them into the mainstream?
Why and who develop these slums?
Who are the Culprits behind developing these slums?

The various kinds of crimes are happening because of the slums. We need to do an intensive research to find out the answer to the above questions through a well-structured questionnaire.

The present study we have planned to include both Primary studies through filled in questionnaire both close and open-ended as well a deep study of available literature.

The participants can make a study of their nearby SLUMS, which later on could be combined in a detailed nationwide and then Global Study.

We want to help you doing Quality Research with support from Idea to Publication –
 Collecting area and title of the research
 Abstract writing
 Data collection
 Survey questionnaire
 Primary and secondary data collection
 Writing findings and interpreting suggestions
 Publishing in the quality journals
 Printing / Publishing and Distribution of the Research
 Royalty collection

Why are we doing this?
Because –
o We do not want you to pay for publishing of articles (quality research output does not require to pay for publishing)
o We want to remove the plagiarism; no one should copy the work of others
o Enrichment of your knowledge and writing under expert’s instructions shall help to understand the basics
o Understanding the basics of research
o It’s Faculty Development Programme with Publication of Quality Research Output
o we dream to remove plagiarism and promotion of Quality research which has the positive impact on society
o Right now we are offering support in Humanities and Social Sciences including Management

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