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Is there any Scope Left for Honest and Committed faculty in Higher Education?

In the recent past, a number of Higher Educational Institutions have closed. The attraction of brilliant people to join the higher education as faculty has reduced. Students have a very casual approach towards study in the classroom. Are these all are the sign that our higher education is moving towards decay. The big questions are – have we (Faculty) lost hope and adjusted our self as per the circumstances? Most of the faculty have adjusted themselves accordingly and started pushing students. No motivation and interest for research as there is no challenge left in the classrooms. Students are just passive listeners.
Is it the reality that we academia have now left students on mercy? Are we no more interested to counsel and mentor students for serious study? Do we concern to check our bank account to check whether the salary has been credited or not?
Please do not be so selfish otherwise one day there will be an army of unemployable educated youth with the criminal record. Moreover, sometimes we may come across one of this criminal in front of us.

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