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Why is corporate so reluctant towards Students Summer training and final placement?

Almost all technical courses in Management, Engineering, Medical, Law and others have Internship / Summer Training or other kinds of training as the part of the curriculum. The purpose of this exercise is well understood. The curriculum developer and the policy makers want students to have some exposure to the work what they will do after finishing the course.

Undoubtedly, this training plays an important role in the final placement of the students in the organization. Even sometimes, student’s exposure during these training helps them to receive Pre-placement offer and off course to decide whether they want to join any organization or would like to become an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, this is the most neglected area by the Administrators and the students both. In the absence of SHOWING DEEP INTEREST and SERIOUS MONITORING of the projects prepared and deposited after the completion of the training, there is a trend of ACCEPTING PLAGIARISED PROJECT REPORTS being submitted by the students. Most depressing is that having understood and knowing very well that the project which is being submitted by the student is COMPLETELY FAKE; it is being accepted and awarded the GRADE. What an IRONY and where are the ETHICS GONE?

Few Questions –

  • Do we guide our students in deep about the different aspects of the training and its advantage before they go for the same?
  • Do we dare to cross check if students are really undergoing training in the organization whose certificate they have produced?
  • Do our students have the impression that their projects would be grill very seriously?
  • Are we checking these projects for plagiarism?
  • What are the criteria to assign the certain project to a particular faculty who have never done any Research Work in that area?
  • Are we really serious to understand what VALUE ADDITIONS / CONTRIBUTION this particular project is going to make?
  • Is our faculty trained for the REVIEW and CRITICAL APPRAISAL of the project?
  • Do we make the entire process transparent by making all the submitted projects live and available for reader’s comments?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the corporate knows and understood all these deep holes in this student’s projects writing and submission system. They understood that most of the students want to join training just for the sake of certificates nothing else. Corporate does not expect from the prospective trainees any value addition or contribution to their work. Now, why the corporate will entertain the students as the trainee and allow them to consume their vital resources?

The Question is to whom we can hold responsible for this? DO WE NEED A SURGICAL STRIKE on this?


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