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Faculty Development Programme (FDP) Cum Research Conclave (RC)

Faculty Development Programme


 Research Conclave 


A Brief of the Current scenario of Research in Higher Education: – There are millions of papers are published every year in the name of Research, unfortunately, even their authors never read them themselves once these are published. The publishing Research papers have become customary and most of the academic fraternity wears it as ornaments. Further, there have been emerged a number of Journals which exploits the authors by charging publishing fee and spread the plagiarism. The unscrupulous people mis-utilised the funding in the name of research. Most of the Ph.D. degrees are on contract and a lot more.

We have thousands of Seminars / Conferences and similar events globally in the name of Research; unfortunately take away for the participants are almost zero. The events have just become the rituals where participants enjoy Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner and some site scene and happily depart with a piece of paper in the name of CERTIFICAT and a KIT with pen/pad and proceedings. These proceedings are the just gross loss of paper which is manufactured out of CUTTING millions of trees every year. Unfortunately, these proceedings are just being decorated in the bookshelf, where no one even touches them till they are sold as WASTE. We can imagine how much detrimental it would be for the environment.

The unethical practices of approving FAKE summer Projects and awarding COPIED assignments is a very well accepted practice in most of the Intuitions. Just imagine how much contribution to the industry we could make if there would have been the Genuine Summer Training. Having seen the negligent and irresponsible attitude of the Faculty, supervising Summer Internship Project (SIP), the corporate has stopped entertaining the students.

We believe everybody in Academia and Corporate knows about this but do not dare to take the bold steps.

About us – We are a team of academics and industry professionals passionate about nurturing excellence in Research in Higher Education, for the mutual benefit of the stakeholders and the society at large.

While we are planning extensive interactions with eminent professionals from all stakeholders, some of the areas where we have already made progress are as follows:

  1. The first – level structure of portal ( for researchers, professors, practitioners and those wanting to do Quality Research has been created. Together with people behind this effort, the structure can be viewed at soon it’ll be fine – tuned, populated and shared with all the stakeholders.
  2. We have already hosted events on the theme, one of which was organized between 27-28 June 2015 at DIT University, Dehradun.
  3. We already have many senior academics and industry professionals on board and the process to induct more people of eminence, who are passionate about this partnership, is currently underway.

Ideology of Proposed Event –: –The faculty deep exposure of the subject is always instrumental in developing the student’s critical skills and making them employable. Without in-depth industry related exposure it is quite difficult for the faculty to help students prepared to face corporate challenges. This is the reason why the faculty is supposed to get involved in quality research with industry implications.

Faculty needs a continuous update of the domain in which they have expertise. Some time due to a hectic engagement of faculty in teaching and related administrative task, they are not able to even think about research. We understand entire academia even the corporate want to contribute their ideas in the form of research whether small or big, but they are not able to cope up with their personal and professional responsibilities some time. This is the case with the majority of the academic and corporate fraternity.

We tried to find out the reasons why there is a lack of research contribution from academia. We discovered the following major reasons because of which the faculty in-spite of willingness, are not able to contribute –

  1. Lack of research idea
  2. Un-availability of support to discuss the idea
  3. Un-availability of research data
  4. Lack of Support in editing and proofreading
  5. Unaware of publishing platform
  6. Back to back classes
  7. Administrative workload
  8. Personal responsibilities and others.

Having understood all of the above issues and problems which are not expected to be overcome easily, we at have come out with powerful and Unique FDP Cum Research Conclave

There shall be following modules under the program –

Module – I: -Let’s discuss area of interest and decide the Topic of Research

Module – II: – Planning the Research Output Outlines

Module – III:  Writing Brief Abstract with Objectives

Module – IV: Collecting Secondary Research Resources Material

Module – V: Conducting Survey (If required)

Module – VI: Writing and Discussing the Research output

Module – VII: Editing and Proof Reading

Module – VIII: Final Discussion and making ready for the Submission / Presentation

A structure of the Event: –

Phase – I: FDP and Synopsis Preparation (Face2Face)

Phase – II: Experts Discussion and Suggestions (ONLINE)

Phase – III: Paper Presentation (Face2Face)

Introduction: –The research activity has been classified into three categories- academic research, practice-oriented research, and pedagogic development and innovation. Within each category, output is assessed by its impact on the relevant constituency: the international academic community in the case of academic research, business practitioners for practice-oriented research and educational practitioners in pedagogical development and innovation.

The quality of the faculty is linked to the quality of their intellectual activity. The faculty at Higher Educational Institutions should regularly produce original contributions to knowledge that are effectively disseminated. These should demonstrably make an impact on one or more constituencies that are strategically important for the successful development of the institutions, academic peers, students etc.  Faculty members should keep abreast of their discipline, to improve their teaching and to advance in their profession.

Purpose of the Programme: – The proposed Faculty Development Programme (FDP) Cum Research Conclave (RC) shall be the ideal platform for the Management faculty who want to write quality research papers. The purpose of this Faculty Development Programme Cum Research Conclave is to provide an opportunity for individuals with various research philosophies and interests to get together and promote the development of research environment in academic institutions. It will be a forum for sharing research work and will provide a platform for new initiatives and partnerships.

It will also give an opportunity to the participants to interact with the experts from educational institutions, industries, and research organizations to get a direction for their research work or aspirations. The experts shall guide the researchers to write the Quality Research Papers. All the research papers shall be entitled to publish in the Book form with ISBN number.



First Phase: Faculty Development Programme (FDP) and Synopsis Abstract Preparation

Duration – Two Days (Residential)

Primary Objectives – Seminar by Research Experts on concepts and techniques of research, like – terminology of research / reading a research papers/writing of a research papers/ Data Presentation and Interpretation / presentation of proposed research by the participants / finalization the title and objective of the paper.

Key Discussions –

  1. Clearing the doubts about the concepts and methods of research.
  2. Sharing of research interest by each faculty and inviting the faculty to join as co – author ( if required)
  3. Critical discussion on the topic and suggestions by the Experts
  4. Design and preparation of the synopsis.
  5. Assigning research supervisor to the Researchers
  6. Assigning Research Associate by theresearchidea team
  7. Start Writing Research Paper where Research Supervisors shall guide in concepts and plan, and the Research Associates shall help in data collection and Calculations. ( Through online suggestions and discussions)

Second Phase: Experts Discussion

Duration: Online (Six Months), Two Days Shall Be For Online Doubt Clarification

Primary Objectives: In this phase, the researchers who are writing papers / Research Associates / Research Supervisors shall participate.

Key Discussions –

  1. Helping the Participants in Data Collection by the Research Associates
  2. Questionnaire preparation support by Research Associates
  3. Data collection support by theresearchidea and research associate for the Questionnaire
  4. Data analysis support by Research Supervisors
  5. Analysis of the research output by the Experts and giving suggestions
  6. Incorporating the suggestions in the research by the participants
  7. Proof reading and editing support for the final research output by the theresearchidea team
  8. Blind Review of the research output
  9. Support in making presentation by the Research Associates
  10. Compiling all the research papers as proceedings and printing of the proceedings.

Final Phase:  Paper Presentation (Two Days – Residential and Non – Residential)

  1. Categorizing the papers on the basis of the theme.
  2. Presentation of the Papers
  3. Panel Discussions
  4. Certificate Distribution
  5. Distribution of award for Best Papers
  6. Publishing of proceedings.
  7. Closing Ceremony


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