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Do You Still Believe Engagement of Faculty in Quality Research Can Help In –  Better Employability and reducing crime rates by educated unemployable youths  Solving Critical Social Problems  bringing back the lost trust of students in higher education  Reducing intolerance in the young generation

By writing this brief article, I would request the whole academia to please consider this with a deep sense of responsibility which masses have placed on the intellectuals working in the field of Higher Education.  The whole scenario of higher education has been changed in the last century. While the focus was on knowledge and skills in ancient time, now with the rising critical issues in all spheres of life whether in social or corporate, the academia has been given a responsibility of doing Quality Research to find and suggest the solutions to these critical issues.

Since the beginning, principally, the academia expected to be sensitive to the social issues and required to take the teaching as a noble profession, not as a profession.

Things have changed gradually, in the modern time; students do not need the teaching from books as the best out of best contents are easily available virtually 24*7. Having understood the reality, still, we are teaching the age-old contents not agree to compromise on our comfort.

The question is if the academia will not do the Quality research then who else will do? We frequently talk about MDP’s and Consultancy, but how it would be possible to have those important skills to get developed without digging deep?

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