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Founder’s Greed of Succession and Gender Bias in India’s Middle-Class Business Family

For the Middle-Class Business families in India, the founders look for a male family member as a successor to their business. This greed has a number of implications for a fair gender selection. Primarily, the founders prefer a male child and then they give priority to experience than the education of the male child.
Due to traditional businesses the importance is given to the experience compared to the higher educational skills. This is primarily true in the case of family businesses which exist for generations and had been established decades before. Here, there are two different types of business structures, the Joint and the Nuclear. Under joint family business, the chances of successful succession are better than the businesses which have been established by nuclear families.
In the non-technical traditional businesses, it is quite obvious that the successors are always anxious to transfer the legacy to some male member of the family. It is because, in Indian culture, the female child are deemed to be a non-permanent member of the family and have to leave after marriage.
As compared to the small business run by a middle class family, the large corporate houses have fewer cases of Gender Bias and female child of the family is considered equally for the succession.
Across India’s large business families, many women have taken charge of their family businesses. These include Nisa Godrej and Tanya Dubash at the Godrej Group while Radhika Piramal of VIP Industries. In Many other young women successors in the India Inc includes Gursimran Mann, Managing Director of Simbhaoli Sugar Mills. There are much more women in the Big India’s Corporate Houses who succeed their family business with no Gender Bias.

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