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Will you take the OATH this summer for guiding the students for a Genuine Summer Internship Project and not to accept and approve the Fake Project?

Summer Internship is a very important milestone in the true learning and skills development of students pursuing professional courses. Unfortunately, in spite of knowing its importance almost all people in the hierarchy, the Institute Chairman, Vice Chancellors of Universities, The Directors, Deans, Senior Professors and rest of the faculty keep their eyes close and their soul and consciousness sleep. The outcome – Unskilled, unemployable youth.
Why don’t we plan in advance and discuss and decide the research topics? Why do we not make the clear policy on the SIP and execute it strictly? Why do we not supervise and guide the students continuously till they complete and submit?
I believe, there is a need to conduct intensive workshops for the faculty responsible for guiding student’s project, in multiple domains. Not only they need to be trained on various research methodologies, but also need to find out the critical corporate issues which need to be worked on by the students. I believe sitting in the AC cabins and enjoying coffee and snacks will not serve the purpose.
Let’s be honest for the students’ project and upgrade our skills to guide the students as much as possible.

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