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Are we waiting for more institutions of Higher Learning to shut down and students stop pursuing higher education?

It’s imperative to have a continuous corporate – academic interaction to explore the best opportunities for the collaboration. It’s evident that entire academic in higher education desperately looks for the corporate collaborations for various reasons. The collaboration for Students summer training, final placement, Guest lectures, participation in the conferences as keynote speakers and many others. This has become customary to include few good corporate names in the admission brochures which infect most of the time is just for the name. Hardly it happens that the corporate approach the academia to get associated in any capacity. The possible reason may be the lack of credibility of the institutions of higher education. Eventually, this is one-way approach and the academia believes that having a good number of corporate people in their brochure will attract students for admissions.
Unfortunately, this is no longer an impressive strategy. Prospective students understand that the names on the board are just decorative and they will not entertain internship or final placement.
The question is when we will come out of this illusion and will understand that students need skills, not the degrees?
To make the students skillful, first, the faculty needs to be trained for the same. To make the students skilled, beforehand the faculty needs to be skilled. Without studying beyond books and doing quality research, is it possible?
Are we waiting for more institutions of higher education to shut down and students stop pursuing higher education?
India gets failed to capitalize its tag of being youngest country in the world. Is there any alternative of bringing quality in the higher education through research to bring back the lost trust of a young generation in the higher education?
Is it the right time to stop ditching ourselves by decorative brochures and rituals in the form of unproductive conferences/seminars?

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