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Hi SIP Mentors; Your Genuine Efforts and Mentoring can help you to conduct Multiple MDP’S and a Great Publication!

The Summer Internship Project (SIP) is a milestone in learning practical aspects what students have studied within the four walls of their classrooms. Unfortunately, in spite of knowing the purpose and importance, most of the faculty and students compromise with the true motive.
In the present scenario, the Students Projects are the gross loss of precious resources which includes papers. This also impacts Environment as millions of trees are cut just to make these papers. Being the intellectual class we understand that cutting of trees is injurious for the environment and eventually impacts our lives.
Just imagine if we discontinue this trend of Accepting and Approving these FAKE SIP’s it will have multiple advantages. Some of the vital gains we could have –
1. Enhancement of students Employability skills – When they will come to know that this time they need to do genuine work, they will be forced to work hard. This hard work will help them getting genuine knowledge and skills. Please do not be scared as they will not leave their courses in the middle just because they have to do the genuine project. No one can support submission of the FAKE SIP.
2. Learning Practical Concepts – While guiding students, the SIP supervisor will get the practical knowledge too. While guiding the students for the project, they will have to learn a number of new concepts and techniques. This will help them to apply all these practical aspects in the classroom also which will help students to enhance their employability skills.
3. Publication of the SIP’s in the BOOK form – The supervisor can get all the projects in their area to be published in the form of Book. Here, we are talking about an E-Book (NOT IN HARD FORM). In addition to giving the Academic recognition, this can also earn them good revenue. This revenue can be shared among all – the students and the supervisors.
4. Conducting Multiple MDP’s and Consultancy – The true learning through Genuine SIP will help to teach and giving training to corporate. Just imagine about the wonderful learning while doing intellectuals discussion with your mentees.
5. A Proud Feelings – Be the first to come out of the crowd and resolve not to accept and approve the FAKE SIP.
You can launch your SIP at within few minutes.
1. Just Decide an attractive title
2. Invite your students online to send their SIP title with brief Introduction
3. Check for the plagiarism
4. Get the first page design
5. Send them your comments
6. Approve
7. Publish and be the Proud Mentor…
It’s absolutely free… Happy SIP…

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