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Hi SIP Mentors; A Serious Effort From Both Students And Faculty Can Be A Game Changer.

Employability of the students pursuing higher education has become a very complex issue. There are widespread critics of the Institutions and the faculty for their inability to provide skilled manpower to the industry. Understandably, today’s students need both – Mentorship and teaching.

The Summer Internship Project (SIP) is a milestone in learning practical aspects what students have studied within the four walls of their classrooms. Corporate while reviewing and recruiting the students is very particular to know and explore the Exposure students have gained during their Summer Internship.

A serious effort from both Students and Faculty side can be a game changer.

One of the reasons why students are not working seriously on the Summer Internship is the Continuing Supervision.

The strict implementation of the process can do wonders! Honestly speaking, faculty’s smart supervision can stop them from putting excuses and help them doing the better work.

We at theresearchidea have created a reformative model to help faculty to guide and supervise the students virtually. There is just need to follow the following process

You can launch your SIP at within few minutes.

  1. Sign up at
  2. Click Launch Special Issue
  3. Just Decide an attractive title
  4. Invite your students online to send their SIP title with brief Introduction
  5. Invite Corporate Supervisor to Join as REVIEWER
  6. Ask for the submission of weekly progress report.
  7. Request corporate mentor to submit their comments on weekly report.
  8. Check for the plagiarism
  9. Send them your comments
  10. Approve
  11. Publish and be the Proud Mentor…

Everything is virtual and at your DESK. No need to move anywhere.

For further details please mail us at –

It’s absolutely free… Happy SIP…

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