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The modern Research Publications – A boon or a Curse?

Now a days there is a mad rush to get the publications of the articles by the academia for earning API Score. Irrespective of the contribution a particular research paper will give in the social upliftment, the criteria is to get published in the journals which fulfill the API criteria.
Instead of having a curse for the environment by cutting trees for printing of unproductive articles it can be a boon for the society where our research input can cure social evils and can bring happiness to the life of people.
We have a mission to cure the evils of Research Publications which is not only detrimental to the future of higher education and creating a breed of unemployable youth but also harming the environment by printing theoretical stuff which is of no use. We want to encourage and support the academic to do intensive research on important social issues which need a solution to make the human life peaceful. You should be agreeing that there are countless issues around us which once researched could find an amicable solution. We also understand that for doing any quality research academic fraternity needs one to one support where their doubts and queries could be handled in the best possible manner.
We want academia to work for the betterment of the society and for which our entire team is always ready.

To achieve this endeavor we have launched a Six Months Interactive Research Skills Development Programme which will be conducted through distance mode with two Face 2 Face sessions in the interval of SIX months. This will be a Residential Programme of 2-3 days each time.
The first Face to Face session shall have the interactive discussion by the participants after six months (first shall be in the months of June 2017 (At the end of the course) and another shall be in the month of December 2017. Please find the details at the link –

For further details please mail us at –

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