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Almost all institutions of Higher Learning publish their own Research Journal. This has become customary and also some time to fulfill the guidelines of various regulatory bodies.
In most of the cases, these Journals are facing a great difficulty to get a minimum number of quality articles for the particular issue. This is the case when even a large number of Journals Published by the institutions pays an honorarium to the authors!
The difference may be of publicity which these fake journals do. Most of the paid journals have been started just to mint money and have nothing to do with the promotion of Quality Research.
These publishers have edge over the institution’s Journals as they have commercialized the paid journals and adopt all the best marketing strategy including Google Ad- words and other social media campaign.
While searching for the journal to get their papers published the authors come across these paid journals and submit their hard work. In most of the cases for these paid journals, quality does not matter.
While in the case of Journals published by the Institutions, in most of the cases they have genuine Editorial Board, while for these paid journals there is ONE MAN ARMY. This one person even sometimes assured to give clearance to the submitted paper within minutes.
Is it a Research Publishing Scam?
What if we bring all the journals published by the academic institutions to a single platform? It will give a chance to the prospective authors a wide choice and will stop exploitation. In all case, the journals published by the institutions have better quality than by these unscrupulous persons who have commercialized this.
Bringing all journals at a single platform could be the first step and can be revolutionary in the promotion of Quality Research.

At we have made this absolutely free! It takes not more than ten minutes to get your existing journal listed and even new journals can be launched. This is entirely an OPEN ACCESS platform and entire process right from Article submission to download is virtual. Let’s Promote Quality Research by discouraging the fake publishing practices. You can mail us at or add on Skype “theresearchidea??? to discuss further.

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