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Plagiarism in Research Publications – A PUNISHABLE OFFENCE

With the mushrooming of fake research journals the submissions of papers to these journals is also increasing. There might be two reasons of submitting into these journals – either the author does not find a place to publish or they do not have quality work.

All of this is happening at the cost of student’s future. The faculty in academic institutions is expected to innovate in their areas of specialization. But, there is almost nothing out of the book which is being taught in the class.

I am surprised, why the students will attend the classes when they get nothing new? But, we are not agreeing to leave our comfort zone. Our focus is to create a product without having critical thinking skills. The teaching through power point presentations or using OHP frequently is the common thing.

A general excuse is – due to a lot of workload we are not able to think anything innovative. Is it true? Is it the time or the passion which creates a wonderful research output?

Eventually, when they feel pressure, just start looking for some journal with HIGH IMPACT FACTOR, GOOD LISTING and all.

The publications are very simple. Just compiled from few papers and make it one. Send the paper with issuing a draft or online payment. Now we have become a proud RESEARCHER.

I believe, day is not too far when stealing from others work shall become a Punishable crime. It is already there in some countries like US.

There is a large wastage of paper in printing these papers with no readers. Even in most of the case, the author themselves feel GUILTY while reading their own published papers. They feel hesitated when their colleagues ask for a copy to read.

Why we are not waking up?

Is it not the right time to accept the reality and start thinking creatively? All this unethical practices are not serving any purpose except just destroying the economy.


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