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Quality Research to Capitalize Young Minds

It is evident that higher education is at crossroads. In the absence of Quality Education we are unable to capitalize the young minds. Undoubtedly, the faculty needs to play an active role in creating a vibrant learning environment, which unfortunately not happening. With a right direction, students could be encouraged to work on various social and economic issues to get a practical insight of the curriculum.
All this need the involvement of the faculty along with students in the quality research. Due to unavailability of a support system most of the academia is taking short cut root to publish unproductive useless stuff in the name of research publications.
We are trying to evolve a method where right from inception of quality research idea till publications and distribution of the Research Publications comes to a single place. Here, the Research Publications of all kinds will be open access and the authors shall be rewarded in the form of Royalty for their Published Work.
The existing portal has been developed with a number of unique functionalities which includes –
 Listing of existing journals within 10 minutes
 Submission of the article online and immediately after the submission both authors and publisher get the notification through mail
 The publishers have a DASHBOARD from which they can manage every activity right from listing to publishing at the click of the mouse.
 Publishers can forward the article for review to the editorial board online.
 The editorial board can review the article and can send their comments online.
 After the review, the article can be published online immediately.
 The authors of the published articles may get the royalty if the users download the article.
 Free web page for all the listed journals.
 Online certificate to the authors
 Designing support to the publishers
 Printing of the journals at less than half cost.
 The previous issues of the journals can be archived and the same can be subscribed online.
 No need of unnecessary printing of the journal as we have made it Just in Time (JIT), means, even a single copy can be printed if required, and a lot of other features.
The collective efforts could do wonders. We are looking for like-minded people to discuss and take this mission forward.

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