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Why and How we defend RELUCTANCE to DEVELOP Research Culture in Institutions of Higher Learning?

In my one of the previous post, I had invited views on “Higher Education losing trust in the absence of Research Culture???.

The post received wonderful responses. As expected no one opposed and all of the people both from Academia and Corporate showed their concern for the Non-existence of Research Culture in the Academic Institutions.

As a conclusion, I wonder, when all of us are agree that the Quality Research by Academia is vital to take the higher education to the next level and bringing back the lost interest among the prospective students then why we are not taking steps for that?

Instead, there are a number of events in the name of research, faculty and students development; we organize throughout the year. It is proved and accepted globally that Research can Turn Around. The Quality Research by Academia could help enrichment of their knowledge and further transformation of this to their students.

The question is, whether this all is eye wash in the form of Seminar, Conferences, Guest Lectures, Faculty Development Programmes and all. Almost all the institutions of higher learning organize these kinds of events but the end results is almost ZERO as it is not able to solve the ultimate purpose, i.e. Students Employability.

Is it the right time to do the introspection and stop this extravagance and look into the real issues?


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