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If Research has the Power to Change, please join our Elite International Research Board for Productive Research!

Innovation in the higher education is the need of the hour. In the absence of Quality Research, the academia is forced to apply the age old teaching methodologies and outdated contents. It seems that in the name of innovation and research, there have been mushroomed the fake journals which accept and publish any paper after charging some fee from the authors.

Eventually, it is impacting the student’s employability as the faculty is not able to innovate in their area of expertise. Students are not able to learn anything beyond books. This pathetic scenario needs to be changed.

We understand this needs collective efforts. The people who have great concerns for the higher education having the passion for the Quality Research need to join hands to promote the Quality Research. We belive this association will discourage the unscrupulous people who are exploiting the budding researchers through different means.

We believe the constitution of an elite Research Board would be helpful in devising and executing the various policies and programs to create a Quality Research Environment.

We have an international Research Board which we want to enlarge by adding more people. You can have a look at the existing member’s profile at


We strongly believe that a collective effort would be able to change the scenario.

We have created a Unique Platform for Promoting Quality Research. It has following features to help people carrying quality research –

  • Bringing all unorganized research journals at a single platform and making it accessible to all for free (soft versions).
  • Bringing a mechanism of paying the royalty to the authors whose work has been accepted and published.
  • Raising the voice against the in-justification where the publishers are mining at the cost of authors’ hard efforts.
  • Helping researchers with End 2 End Solutions from research idea to publications (with 0% plagiarism tolerance).
  • Encouraging faculty for Collaborative research with the students.
  • Making sure the events like Conference / seminars get a good number of participants and have productive research output.
  • No article submission fee from the authors.
  • Giving an e-commerce-like platform where the passionate researchers could start research journals in their areas.
  • The research scholars to bring special issues in their research areas.

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