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Like Politics, Do We Need Good People to Join As Research Publishers to Fight Plagiarism?

Quality Education is the necessity of Global Economy. Just imagine if all graduates and Professionals fulfill the expectations of stakeholders have from them. Unfortunately, certificate or degree is the permission for entry but it does not guarantee the performance. This is the reason why the industry is struggling to get desired manpower.
Whatever self-study resources are available 24*7, still the role of a facilitator cannot be ignored. Eventually, this is the Faculty / Resource Person / Facilitator whose intelligence and skills play an important role in the learners’ knowledge and skills advancement. One of the important sources of Knowledge and skills Advancement is through research in the respective subject and area of expertise.
In the recent past, there have been mushroomed a number of Research journals which are published by the unscrupulous people whose motive is just to mint money. They people are not only exploiting the budding author by charging money for publication, but also spoiling the Research Environment.
We believe to stop all these unethical practices established and rooted by these unscrupulous publishers there is a need of the Good People in the Research Publications to launch Research Publications as Chief Editor or Managing Editor.
This will help in developing an Ethical Research Publications Practice.
We have created a UNIQUE Research Publication Platform for all those who want to join us in the mission to encourage the Quality Research.
Please Launch a Quality Research Publication in your area of expertise and give a Quality Research Publication platform to the budding authors.
You can visit – for further details.

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