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Are you Sensitive to the social issues? If yes, let’s capitalize that sensitivity by doing quality research!


Being sensitive means someone caring for something. Yes, everybody is sensitive for something or other. For academia, this sensitivity can play a vital role, not only in building up career but also to contribute to the society.

There are a number of issues which are waiting for long to be researched and find a sound solution. We all know about these, but the Academia can play the vital role in suggesting the best solution by doing a quality research.

I would like to quote a serious issue which small kids and school going students particularly face and which ultimately have its serious repercussions. It’s just one of the countless issues, which if researched by academia, would justify their importance.

While faculty and school staff normally enjoy with warm water and hot lunch and also a cozy environment in the cold days, small kids and students are forced to sit for long hours in the classrooms even shivering with inadequate intake of water and tasteless food which they have carried from home in the morning. Instead of having lunch they carried from home, they prefer to have hot patties and snacks and chilled soft drinks in the summer days.

By the time they finish schooling, their habits get changed and instead of liking fresh homemade food, they are habitual to the fast food. It impacts both, their thinking and health.


Isn’t an issue which a SENSITIVE person can research better and try to find the best solution?

In brief, there are countless similar issues around us which can ignite our sensitivity and may encourage us to do quality research.

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