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A “Transparent??? Blind Review Will it help Curbing of Plagiarism and stopping of Authors Exploitation?

In the Research Publishing “Industry???, we normally use a word very often “ Blind Review???. It normally interprets as Review of the submitted manuscripts by the Reviewer without knowing the identity of the author/s.

There are a number of Research Journals which have been mushroomed in the recent past and charge a good amount for review and publish the submitted manuscripts. The process is generally very fast and sometimes within a three days period (frequently I receive the emails for the same) the publishers get the reviewers comments, approve it and publish. The so-called research journals which have mushroomed never share the REVIEWERS COMMENTS (I doubt there is any genuine review is made).

Having known all this the stakeholder’s silence is unfortunate!

To make the process of “Blind Review??? Crystal Clear, we need to automate it. Immediately after the review has been made, the detailed report should be delivered to the author (without disclosing the identity of the reviewer) and the Publisher. This way the author would get the information about the area which they need to improve and it will also an EXCELLENT LEARNING as the reviewers shall suggest them the area of improvement.

moreover, the reviewers will also be careful before joining any journal as it would be challenging for them to accept the papers to review.

While applying for any Publishing benefits, the competent authorities may ask for the reviewers report, as it will stop the trend of Publishing for Money.

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