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Reducing Urbanization and Controlling Unemployment in Rural Areas – Establishing Smart Computer Hubs (SCH) in Villages

Reducing Urbanization and Controlling Unemployment in
Rural Areas
Smart Computer Hubs (SCH) in Villages

A Win-Win for All

Reducing the dependency on agriculture in rural areas has been a big challenge. With growing family, the limited land cannot feed to all members. Moreover, the agriculture output is unpredictable; anything unfavorable could destroy the hard work of the farmer. There are the culprits including Weather, Demand, Economy and other conditions which need to be favorable to reap the benefits of hard work.
There could be a unique way of fixing this critical issue. This will be a win-win situation for all – Government, The Local young Boys and Girls, The corporate looking for cost effective work, the Economy and the Administration.
Establishing a Smart Computer Hub (SCH). It will engaged Educated Unemployed Local Boys and Girls for various computer related work, which may includes

 Typing
 Digital Marketing (SMO/ SEO)
 Designing
 Social Media Posting
 Article Writing; and
 Other Work.

Benefits –
 Controlling “urbanization???
 Reducing crimes by educated unemployed youth
 Bring peace in the area
 Cost effective work for the Startup and small companies
 Uniform economic growth
 Rural Development; and a lot more

We have already established one Smart Computer Hub (SCH)

We have established a 50 workstation Smart Computer Hub (SCH) to train and employ local young unemployed educated girls and boys in one of the Village situated in Delhi – NCR. It’s around at a distance of 50 KM from Delhi at NH-58. We are ready to work in three shifts each one of 8 hours.
We have trained and semi trained young Minds ready to accept the work at a very economical cost. The various kinds of computer related work could be outsourced at very economical cost. It will be less than half compared to hiring full time manpower at metro cities. Ready to discuss the possibilities of collaboration.
Let’s ESTABLISH s Smart Computer Hub (SCH) in all villages. The outsourcing to these SCH shall stop urbanization and dependency on traditional occupation like farming. The farmer’s sons and daughters should not be dependent on agriculture. The less dependency on agriculture shall make the life of villagers stress free.
Please see, if this worth doing a Quality Research!
We want to help you doing Quality Research with support the from Idea to Publication –
 Collecting area and title of the research
 Abstract writing
 Data collection
 Survey questionnaire
 Primary and secondary data collection
 Writing findings and interpreting suggestions
 Publishing in the quality journals
 Printing / Publishing and Distribution of the Research
 Royalty collection

Why are we doing this?
Because –
o We do not want you to pay for publishing of articles (quality research output does not require to pay for publishing)
o We want to remove the plagiarism; no one should copy the work of others
o Enrichment of your knowledge and writing under expert’s instructions shall help to understand the basics
o Understanding the basics of research
o It’s Faculty Development Programme with Publication of Quality Research Output
o we dream to remove plagiarism and promotion of Quality research which has the positive impact on society
o Right now we are offering support in Humanities and Social Sciences including Management

Please feel free to send your queries are – / share your queries and contact number and convenient time to answer the queries.

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