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Well Structured Research Policy In the Institutions of Higher Learning – THE NEED OF THE HOUR

Research is a powerful weapon which can improve the standard of learning in the institutions of higher learning. The research output could be of various kinds beginning from a Short Book Review to Long Research Report.

There should be credit for each output as per the efforts put in by the faculty in writing it.

Every institute has its own culture and way of working. In the time of recession, a number of institutes are fighting for their sustainability. Even then, there is no harm in forming a well-structured research policy.  It will encourage the faculty to work parallel along with their regular duties. This in turn could help improving the quality of learning.

We in academia are expected to do research in our respective fields. Even a small reward for the genuine research shall make them feel proud. Along with this, the institute will also get a good branding.

The well-structured policy will also eliminate the chance of a feeling of biases which otherwise spread among the faculty.

We at Swind Advisory Private Limited (A SWISS-INDO collaboration) help the institutions of higher learning in framing a well-structured research policy. The policy shall help to motivate the young faculty members, particularly who have joined academia with a great passion. This is turn shall help for a new beginning where faculty along with their students could start a collaborative research.

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