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We are working on one RESEARCH project where we have strategies “Skills Development through Quality Research???. We believe quality research helps in improvement of critical thinking and which in turns help in better decision making. Decision-making skill is one of the much-required skills in the corporate.
Myself along with my SWISS associate ventured –, a virtual research platform which cater the needs of the passionate researchers, from beginners to seasoned one.
OUR GOAL is to see the Academia gets its reputation back. Entire corporate and economy SHOULD salute the faculty in Institutions of higher learning for their productive support in nation’s building. There SHOULD be a high regard for the faculty for their RESEARCH; people love to read the research output.
The students welcome by the entire industry and there should be dignified jobs for them. We prepare high-quality Management Graduates and Engineers and professionals of High Caliber.
YES, all this is Daydream, which will become a reality once we all sit and discuss HOW RESEARCH CULTURE can be helpful in achieving of all this.
Would you like to share your opinions and views with me?
Please add me on skype – “drvipina??? to plan, how we can fulfill the dreams of millions of people across the globe that are looking towards ACADEMIA with GREAT HOPES.
Let’s unite for a great beginning!

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